Hand Crafted Medicine Items

Here at Shamanic Earth Medicine we love providing a wide range of medicine items and tools for the earth based practitioner.
Please view below our beautiful range of hand-crafted items for your every day use made with prayer and blessings.

Hair Ties

A decorative hand-crafted item that can be used for personal adornment or hung to bring medicine of the winged ones and crystals into your living space. Each item is unique.

Medicine Bags

Traditionally used as a sacred vessel to carry various items for use in sacred ceremony and ritual

Medicine Pouches

Most often worn around the heart to enhance protection and connection to allies and great spirit.

Tobacco Pouches

Leather pouch most often used to hold tobacco, may also be used to hold other herbs used in ceremony and ritual.

Dream Catchers [COMING SOON]

Traditionally used to disperse negative or bad dreams into the Great Mystery at the first light of the new day.

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