Sacred Sprays & Oils

Enjoy perusing our range of sacred sprays and oils, all made with deep intention, care and ethics. Any of the items within this range are useful to magnify personal purification practises or to support your awakening process.

Also, add to your kit of helpful tools to support ritual, ceremony or any kind of space holding facilitation.

Pure Heart Alchemy Mists

Working with your Subtle-Body-Centres, these living flower essence combinations create shifts in your Auric field. The flowers, oils and frequencies contained in these bottles shift your experience at an energetic level assisting you to make better choices from a heightened state of awareness.

100% Pure Essential Oils

Ethically and sustainably sourced essential oils to empower your healing experience through the sense of smell. Intenshen oils are distributed with a strong ethos and intention to bring awareness to the operation of the essential oil industry and also strongly support the survival of the bees.

Palo Santo Oil

Traditionally it has been used as a spiritual oil to ward off negative energies and protect against negative spiritual influences.

Agua De Florida

Agua de florida is used as spiritual tool for ceremonial protection, for cleansing, healing and ritual.

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