Next Shamanic Self Mastery Program Begins March 2020.

Are you feeling called to discover a deepening into earth-based medicine practices for yourself and others? If so, our Shamanic Self Mastery Program is for you. 

  • Deepen your own wisdom practices.
  • Learn how to share these practices with others through ceremony, celebration, healing and journeying.
  • Discover the wisdom of shamanic teachings passed down to Peter through his elders of the Inuit, Cree, Apache, Lakota and wisdom keepers from Brazil, Australia and more.

This is a journey to further empower yourself to help you navigate your soul’s path through shamanic earth-based medicine practices. These traditional teachings and ceremonies will help you develop skills and resources to support you in your own shamanic practice. In walking your shamanic path, you will discover your own personal Self Mastery, reflecting on a larger scale based on the Sacred Hoop of Life which we are all a part of.

This comprehensive and potent offering includes four online theoretical modules (level 1) and four live practical immersions (level 2) to integrate. The theory component consists of 24 live teaching calls, four written assessments and a Level 1 certification upon completion. The practical component consists of a 3-day Medicine Drum making retreat, a 4-day Practitioner 1 retreat, a 4-day Practitioner 2 retreat, a 7-day Embodiment Retreat and a Level 2 certification upon completion.  


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