Smudging is an ancient method of purifying and cleansing your energy field or luminous body. It helps with clearing unwanted or negative energy from a person, a room, an object, car, workplace or a sacred space.

The choice of smudging methods, herbs or resins used is a matter of personal preference. One can use loose herbs placed or resins placed in a bowl or shell and then lit, or you can use a smudge sticks (we still recommend using a bowl or shell to catch loose leaves and embers).

Basic smudge practice…
Using loose leaf sage you place it into a smudge bowl or shell.
Light the sage to honour the direction of the East and represent the element of Fire
As the sage is placed in a shell it represents the element of Water and the direction of the South.
The sage grows in the Earth so therefore represents the element of Earth and the direction of the West
The smudging fan represents the element of Air and when it is waved over the smoke it blows the smoke to where it needs to go. The Air is the element of the North.

Now with intention bring the 4 elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air along with the 4 directions of East, South, West and North to create sacred smoke that cleanses your luminous body or any spaces that you feel may need to be cleansed.


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