Charcoal / Resin holders

Practical use for a smudge ceremony when burning resins or herbs.

To use: light charcoal (tongs are helpful for this) and place in holder, wait a minute or two to allow charcoal to fully ignite and warm up, once ash is along the edges it is ready. Place a pinch of resin or herb mixture onto charcoal.

Terrocotta Holder

Clay vessel useful for burning charcoal discs and resins, or dry herbs.

Charcoal Tablets

Three-king charcoal discs are quick lighting, slow-burning charcoal tablets are ideal for use with a resin incense burner.

Bamboo charcoal discs

Premium 100% bamboo charcoal is guaranteed free from toxic ingredients. Releases the aroma of incense and resins without scorching the natural oils as it burns slower.


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