Meet like minded people, learn the shamanic way, journey across time and space, connect with spirit,
open your heart and discover your best self at one of our transformational events.

Up and Coming Events

Medicine Drum Making Retreat

Mullumbimby Hinterland

6-8th March 2020
3rd-5th July 2020
20-22 November 2020

This is an invitation to a profoundly empowering and healing shamanic journey, 3 days of your life unlike any other.

Immersed in lush, private, tropical surroundings, nestled high in Mullumbimby Hinterland, you will be initiated into the teachings of the Medicine Wheel and Sacred Hoop of Life while receiving the traditional Inuit weave of the drum taught to Peter Bowden by First Nation elder Grey Wolf. 

Mind Body Spirit Festival

Melbourne 10.00am- 7.00pm

22nd- 24th November, Melbourne Exhnibtion Centre.

We will be sharing our beautiful range of earth medicine tools, instruments and products. We sell ethically sourced purification herbs, oils, sprays and resins. Australian made medicine tools and much more.

Peter will also be teaching Shamanic practices and leading a drum journey on Friday the 22nd, 1.00pm- 2.00pm, in the workshop space.

Shamanic Self Mastery

13 Month Program
Begins 17th March 2020 


 Are you feeling called to discover a deepening into earth-based medicine practices for yourself and others?

This is a journey to further empower yourself to help you navigate your soul’s path through shamanic earth-based medicine practices. These traditional teachings and ceremonies will help you develop skills and resources to support you in your own shamanic practice. In walking your shamanic path, you will discover your own personal Self Mastery. 


Kambo Ceremony

Melbourne- 6.00pm, 26th November 

“Once again, it is my honour and pleasure to share with you the medicine of Kambocita – the medicine of the green monkey tree frog. As you know, I use only the best quality medicine from the jungle for these profound healing ceremonies.

I am looking forward to sharing this Green Light Heart medicine of the Kambo Spirit here in The Northern Rivers once again. This medicine is amazing in its ability to assist people to heal their bodies through traditional means.”
– Peter Bowden

Private Shamanic Drum Healing

Melbourne, 23rd October & 26th October

These sessions are approached from a personal perspective of what you require.

Ranging from trauma and pain relief, balancing and alignment of your energy centers, your spiritual bodies and your luminous fields.

Soul fragmentation, soul retrieval, past life regression, ancestral patterns and beliefs and timeline journeys of both future and past can be identified, worked through and cleared. 

Rapee Ceremony

Melbourne, 28th November

With great respect to the original custodians of the land, we invite you to sit in circle with Peter for an evening of healing and sharing.

Using the plant medicines of Rapè and Sananga, over the evening Peter will administer two rounds of Rapè and one round of Sananga. He will also include a bonus round of Astral Aya from the Pure Heart Alchemy range of Mists Sprays and Tinctures.

Medicine songs, drums, music and more will also be a part of the night’s sharing.

Medicine Drum Journey into Shamanic Self Mastery

Melbourne- 6-10pm 30th November.

                                                                         This is an invitation by Peter Bowden and the Shamanic Earth Medicine Team to share the Wisdom of the Sacred Hoop of Life for manifestation. 

The spring is here. As a time of fertility and birth, we feel this is the perfect time to drop into the essence of your being and tune into what creation is being called forth from within you now.

Check back here for more events coming soon!

Bangalow Market

9am- 3pm, 4th Sunday of every month.

Held in Bangalow, in the Byron Bay shire this is a lively community market with great food and a beautiful range of handmade ethical products on offer.

Join us at this beautiful community market for all your sacred purification, cleansing and smudging products. We offer you a stunning collection of handmade earth medicine drums, rattles and smudging wands, among other items.

Visit us at our stall to view the entire selection.

I have participated in more than one of Peter Bowden’s workshops. I have made my own medicine drum at one of them. I find Peter’s workshops very enjoyable, he has a natural ability to make you and all the others attending very comfortable, and I found on each occasion, he had us all working and communicating as a team.

I believe Peter’s special quality is the way he openly shares his knowledge with you, giving you a better understanding of his teachings. Peter is very dedicated to his teachings, this shows in his work. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter’s workshops. Enjoy!”

– Jill Zimmermann