Shamanic Drum Journey CDs

Through shamanic drum journeying, Peter has found people have had profound awakenings, healings, releases and experiences into greater depths of awareness. These experiences bring greater potential for health, well being, relationships, letting go of traumas, dropping deeper into shadow states of consciousness as you disconnect from aspects of yourself that do not serve you.

Music therapy provides many benefits including: pain management; stress and anxiety relief; enhanced communication; physical rehabilitation; mood management; improved quality of life; and supportive strategies for maintaining developmental skills.  Read more

In these CDs Peter shares drum, voice, sound and music.   Disclaimer

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Meet the Spirit of Grandmother Moon

This journey is great as a beginner’s journey for those who are new to Shamanic journeying with the drum. It assists us in receiving our first connection from spirit and open us up to the realms of deeper states of consciousness. This is a middle world journey which allows you to drop deep into the ancient mystery and mysticism of the Spirit of Grandmother Moon.
As you journey deep into the natural world you connect to the ebb and flow of life, deepening into the mystery of time and space. Additional benefits of this Journey are opening to a healing space that can re-align your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies within your luminous body (or your Auric Field).

Journey to Meet Your Power Animal / Ally

This is a Lower world journey to meet your animal ally or power animal. Our Power Animal can serve as a guide to help us navigate the other realms when we participate in Shamanic Journeys. They can bring attention to parts of our life that need acknowledgement or attention. They can also act as messengers to assist you in stepping into greater empowerment and deeper discovery of self. Like any friend we need to keep nurturing the connection through journeying with our ally; dancing and embodying our ally; talking and sharing with our ally. The more you connect with it the more the two of you become familiar with each other and then they can help you journey to new realms of being.

Seven Generations Ancestral Journey

This is a upper world time line journey. Every step of our ancestors have brought us to this space right here, right now. This journey takes you back to meet your ancestors, which can assist in recognizing the love, growth and fear of those times, open to their journey and bring with this the healing of a compassionate understanding which can be handed forward to the next 7 generations. The reclaiming of inter-generational wounds supports us in being able to break free of programs and patterns that have been operating on the DNA level through our ancestral line and adversely impacting our life. Once the trauma layers are healed we can connect with the stories any of our ancestors wish to share and also ancestral wisdom that can then greatly enhance the quality of your life.

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