Medicine Drums

Our Medicine Drums are all hand – made traditional Inuit style drums based on the teachings of the Sacred Hoop of Life or the Medicine Wheel. These Drums are made with a knot-free weave with every string having a meaning. Each drum is crafted in reverence and ceremony. We ask the spirit of the animal to work with us as we create the drum and utilise smudging and prayer to honour all of the medicine coming into form at each step along the creation of the drum. We also offer a selection of our medicine drums individually blessed. This option is a further and final honouring and blessing, performed when the drum is finished and ready to be played, in which the particular medicine of an individual drum is revealed along with any animal allies. This is the blessing you will see on our videos.

VIDEOS AVAILABLE: If you would like to watch a drum blessing video of our current range of individually blessed Medicine Drums please CLICK HERE to view them on IGTV.

CUSTOM MADE DRUMS: At Shamanic Earth Medicine we are now happy to offer you the opportunity to have a purpose made drum made in alignment with your personal requests. Our custom made drums are created and blessed for you by Peter Bowden, a world-class craftsman and Medicine Man. If you would like to know more click here 


If you are being called to birth your own medicine drum, receive deeper drum teachings and a personal blessing
Please inquire about our drum retreats HERE HERE



The Medicine of the deer is all about the gentle flow of the heart. It is a more universal medicine that relates to the heartbeat of mother Earth and to the opening of our own heart. The deer was considered the traditional hide of the Medicine Drum because of its connection to the heart. Deer was also in great supply in the Americas.


Available in 12″, 15” & 18”


Kangaroo carries the medicine of moving forward, as a kangaroo can never move backwards due to its tail. We say the Kangaroo has a very grounding energy, which is associated to the masculine medicine of strength and power.




Available in 12″, 15” & 18”


Goat medicine is the extension of self. You may notice when a goat is tethered it is always stretching out as far as it can, to reach the nearest bit of food or grass. The medicine of the goat has a fine balance of the masculine and the feminine. Goat is always striving to get to the top of the mountain, as it is always trying to reach higher this medicine can be used for ascension. It has a thicker hide  and deeper resonance.

Available in 12″, 15” & 18”
Custom order 15″ & 18″ Hairy goat

NB * “Drum etiquette booklet is complementary gift with purchase of each Medicine drum”

Drum beater not included, can be purchased separately. 

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