About Shamanic Mentoring & Healing


Are you ready to open to the great mystery and call forth all that you are, and all that you can be?

Mentoring and learning to heal with Peter Bowden may be the exciting next step you’re looking for!

Would you like guidance and support to hold space for change, welcoming a shift in your life path to reflect your soul truth and unique contribution to all beings?

Peter works with people who are seeking real transformation, on levels that integrate at the core of one’s being. The process of uncovering and liberating your light through physical, emotional and mental constructs and manifestations is a triumphant journey of courage.

At times requiring us to traverse the shadow lands of the self, excavating and recovering lost, forgotten or repressed elements of our soul. Other times rejoicing in the sunshine of peaceful rest, blissful contemplation and integration. 

In essence, connecting with the greater existential meaning and polarities interwoven in the Sacred Wheel of Life. Anchoring the body, mind and spirit in the here and now, across all time and space. Our potentials, our contracts, our sacrifices, the stories and definitions we assign to our experiences, our hopes and dreams, all meeting in the flow of conscious realisation and clarity. 

Mentoring and healing with Peter is available in-person, or through online sessions on the Zoom platform. Peter works one on one with individuals, or with small-groups. Mentoring sessions will be based on the individual(s) and their unique contexts and curiosities.

Who is this for 

Everyone can benefit from this wisdom. As human beings we are by nature multi-dimensional, we do not exist only as skin and bone, a beating heart and a ticking mind. 

Our being, or consciousness on this earth plane is dynamically alive and vibrating on numerous energetic levels at the same time. Science has only begun to touch the tip of the iceberg, in areas such as epigenetics. Explaining how our physical health and the activation of dormant genes can be determined by our environments, experiences, exposure and reactions to stress, our thoughts and our intentions.

The vast and mysterious expanse that lies beneath the surface, all that is unseen and unknown. Regardless of our conscious level of connection, or disconnection to this expanse, at a foundational level, we are impacted in this space. What plays on repeat in our subconscious, fragments of disturbance locked in our spiritual bodies, shape our daily experience of well-being and balance within the matrix of all that is.  

Medicine People recognise that imbalances and disturbances appear in the spirit before they are manifested as depletion, or illness in the physical body. In our current mainstream society, most people seek healing once well-being has been compromised and illness has presented. Addressing these issues at the source, through this mentorship program, and healing on a spiritual level can prevent the necessity of clearing toxic conditions through the physical form.

Mentoring – Learning Format 

Peter expands upon, applies and co-creates with you around the framework of these topics, to function as a powerful contribution to your well-being and growth on all levels. Each process follows traditional teachings, practices and healing methods, whilst taking into account the personal aspects and circumstances of his clients. 


“Spirit had guided me to Peter Bowden about a year ago but fate had it that we didn’t actually have a session. When I found myself needing to find the level of guidance and healing that I knew only a wise shaman could undertake then I thought of Peter again.
I, like most people on the healing journey, am able to help others but find it difficult to help myself. Getting perspective in my journey and healing is what Peter has brought to me and with that a whole new level of freedom and growth to evolve in my own life. Peter has facilitated journeys to some of the most traumatic situations in my Soul’s history and in doing so he has effected some of the most profound healing I have received.

I am so thankful to the Universe for meeting Peter and being privileged to receive his guidance and healing. Peter is a warm, humble and undeniably healing Soul. Just talking to him you feel the energy and wonder what just happened. Peter has taught me Spiritual practice to strengthen my Soul and bring about transformation at the Soul level. I am deeply grateful and honoured to have received such deep and powerful healing. With gratitude and love.”

Michael Liew
“Peter is a modern shaman with great depth of knowledge and a generous heart. He’s part of the renaissance of earth-based healing practices and positive evolutionary thinking. As such, he offers a unique spirit-guided approach to healing and mentoring his clients. I value my time with Peter and appreciate his dedication and craft.”

Gemma Summers
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