Purification Ceremonial Tools

These tools can be incorporated into your smudging practise to enhance the ceremonial aspect.
For a simple smudging practise see our link here.

Abalone Shells

Ethically sourced high quality shell, most often used to hold sacred herbs for smudging. The shell represents the direction of the South & the water element in the teachings of the sacred hoop & smudging ceremony.

Charcoal & Resin Holders

For use in smudging rituals and ceremony. An incense burner is a practical vessel for holding and burning charcoal along with incense resin or herbs. Charcoal discs are used to burn resins. Three kings and bamboo charcoal available. 

Smudge Fans

Our smudge fans are unique high quality hand-crafted items and are available in 3 sizes.  Used for directing smoke and bringing elemental balance to a smudge ceremony. 

Smudge Kits

A variety of smudge kits specially discounted and conveniently packaged to give you everything you need to perform a simple smudging ceremony.

Be eligible for discount on smudge fans when purchased at same time

Tobacco Tins

Practical and handy tin to store tobacco and/or other herbs for storage and travel.

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