Shamanic Self Mastery Program


Are you feeling called to discover a deepening into earth-based medicine practices for yourself and others?
If so, our Shamanic Self Mastery Program was created for you. 

Next Shamanic Self Mastery Program Begins March 2020. 

Throughout this program Peter shares a combination of 30 years of life experience and the wisdom passed down to him by virtue of teachers and elders from all over the world. These traditional teachings and ceremonies will support you to develop your own intrinsic resources and continuously deepen into your shamanic practices.

Personal self mastery is experienced through a life pursuit of daily embodiment and connection to the earth. Aligning with your highest expression and attuning yourself as a clear channel for guidance will not only allow you to effectively hold sacred space for your own healing but also give you the tools to facilitate growth for individuals and groups.  


 This comprehensive course includes four online foundational Theory Modules, and four Live-In Retreats; which function as practical integration of the theoretical material.

 The program highlights include:  

  • 24 live online webinars
  • 3 – Day Medicine Drum Making Retreat
  • 8 – Day Integrative Experiential Retreat 
  • 4 – Day Self Mastery Retreat (Prac. 1) 
  • 4 – Day Shamanic Facilitation (Prac. 2)
  • 4 private teaching/support sessions with Peter 


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