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This shop was inspired by people seeking shamanic tools to enhance their earth-based practices. We endeavour to stock products which are ethically and sustainably produced. All of our unique craft items are made by locals on-site with love and prayerful intention. We are also happy, to be associated with and distributors of, high quality mysts & oils.

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Our deeper intention and prayer for the Shamanic Earth Medicine Shop is that it serves as a sacred vessel and resource for healing. May the introduction, or enhancement of, earth-based practices of ceremony and ritual and the use of shamanic tools allow us to live in harmony with the Earth. May it deepen our capacity to align with Gaia’s cycles, elements and worlds so we may receive her abundant gifts with gratitude and grace and remember we are care-takers for future generations. As we embrace these tools and practices may they assist us to walk as embodied, grounded, heart-centered individuals aware of our inter-connection with all of life. May this re-connection contribute to the collective awakening into the truth of who we are since always. We pay homage to the ancient ones, wisdom keepers and ancestors of all lands, to all elders past, present and emerging who guide us in the ways of a sacred human. May we all choose to walk in beauty together. Aho
The Shamanic Earth Medicine Team.


We are happy to introduce you to our brand new online learning center.  Access Earth based practises and teachings from the comfort of your own home. Explore our collection of online lessons in video format with both FREE and low priced offerings in our range.


Hand Crafted Medicine Drums & Drum Accessories

High quality hand-crafts.  Includes traditionally weaved Inuit style drums available in 3 sizes & hide varieties. Also, a selection of drum beaters and drum bags.

Shamanic Drum Journey CDs

Drumming can induce deep relaxation, lower blood pressure, create feelings of well-being, boost the immune system and reduce stress.  Research shows that drumming has many benefits. 

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Hand Crafted Rattles

A medicine rattle is traditionally used as a healing tool or as an instrument. Our one of a kind, hand-crafted rattles are infused with love and sacred prayer. Available in a range of styles and made with a variety of hides and crystals. 

Hand Crafted Medicine Items

Stylish and practical bags and pouches of the highest quality made for the modern Earth-based practitioner to carry sacred items and herbs.

Purification & Smudging Items

We offer a wide selection of ethically and sustainably sourced smudging herbs and resins for use in both your personal smudging ceremony or for practitioners incorporating shamanic tools in their practise.

Sacred plant medicines

Sacred plant medicine from the Amazon to assist with clearing blockages on all levels and aid vision and focus. Includes rapeh, mapacho & kuripe pipes

Purification tools

We offer a range of purification tools to assist with the practicalities of performing a smudging ritual.

Includes a range of smudge fans, abalone shells, charcoal, tobacco tins & smudge kits.

Sacred sprays & oils

Delight and open your senses with this beautiful range of sprays and oils. May assist with personal well-being and expansion of consciousness. Useful for purification and enhancing ritual & ceremonial space. Range includes PureHeart Alchemy, Intension essential oils, Palo Santo oil & Agua de Florida.

Specials & Gift packs

Treat yourself or a loved one with our specially discounted Gift packs.

Includes special discount offers and also check out our current specials.

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