Shamanic Education  Offerings

Welcome to the Shamanic Earth Medicine Online Learning Center.

This is where we will be sharing our new Shamanic teaching series, in both video and written format.

Each series will be based on Peter’s teachings from his Elders, “teachings from the time before time”.

Our first video in each series is FREE!

Shamanic Medicine Drum Teaching Series

This series takes you through a foundational understanding of the benefits and use of the Medicine/Shamanic drum, for various applications; ceremony, celebration, healing and journeying. 

You will discover the depth of transformation available through the power of a daily practice with this sacred medicine tool.  

Join Peter as he shares the traditional magic and wisdom of working with the Medicine Drum for more than 30 years. 

Daily Practice Series

 During these current uncertain times when many are feeling the need for extra support, we are happy to offer these daily Earth based practices to you.

Creating daily practice, bringing ceremony and gratitude into your life, is a powerful way of lifting our vibration, mood, resilience and our feeling of balance and connection.

From our heart to yours, enjoy our first FREE offering in this series and look out for our unfolding series of practices at a super low cost.

Free Offerings

From our heart to yours, to the heart of all beings, we share these Free Educational offerings with you.

Topics include daily practises, working with the Medicine Drum, Earth based practises and traditional teachings.

It is our prayer that they assist you to walk in balance and harmony during these potent and changing times.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for”

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