Smudging Herbs

Peruse our wide selection of herbs for ceremonial, ritual or personal use. Included in our range is white sage, yerba santa, mugwort, juniper, knickknick, sweetgrass and an Australian smudge selection. For those new to practising a smudge ritual or ceremony it may help to hold a clear purpose and intention in your mind and then match this to the qualities outlined for each herb, as each individual herb offers its own gifts and can enhance a particular focus. You may also be guided by the therapeutic action of the plant, personal preference, scent or simply by which is most attractive.

We have supplied a product description for each herb which outlines its traditional ceremonial uses or therapeutic qualities. We hope you enjoy this exploration and reap the benefits in your daily walk with these practises.

White Sage

Sage is considered a sacred cleansing, purifying and protective plant and has been used traditionally to purify the mind, body and spirit before praying.

Misc Mixes

Includes the herbs mugwort, juniper, Kinnikinnick, sweetgrass & yerba santa for smudging and personal use.

Australian Smudges

Beautiful Australian native plants make up this smudge stick range.

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